golden retriever in snowOur pets are with our families for a relatively short period of time and yet they are such an important, integral part of our lives. First the cute, clumsy puppy stage, then the mischievous, rambunctious adolescent stage, then the more mature, routine adult stage, and finally the sedate, sleeping senior stage. We often forget to chronicle our companions’ lives and before we know it, time slips away from us. It seems to all happen in a blink of an eye. They have grown up with our children but we have not taken the time to adequately record their lives like we have done with our children. KFP understands the importance of all these life stages. Having been a veterinarian for a number of years, Karen has seen families embrace their new found companions from the time of adoption all the way to their tearful goodbyes. It is a privilege to be a part of these faithful companions’ lives and to have a small but vital part in providing care to these precious family members. These intimate experiences with our pets and a passion for photography, motivates Karen to want to permanently capture our companions’ memorable moments in time. If you recently find yourself with a new family pet, then start its portraiture session now and record their life stages through the years. If you find yourself with a senior pet, it is not too late to have a stunning portrait of your companion. Do not miss the chance to have a portraiture done and find yourself saying the words, “ I wish I would have had a nice portrait taken of ….”