DEFINITION OF MONTAGE: The technique of combining in a single composition pictorial elements from various sources.

What are the steps into creating a montage?

  1. THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SESSION.  Multiple poses are needed to create a montage. Proper lighting of the subject is crucial and the session very often is done in the studio. Of course, there are times the session must be done outdoors, i.e., track and field, horses, cars. high school pitcher, strobes on both sides of him with a reflector underneath
  2. EVALUATION OF THE POSES. Just as no two snowflakes are identical, there are no two photographic sessions that are identical. Each person or subject will have a unique look. Only a few poses make it to the editing stage. It is from the final shots that a montage is envisioned. high school pitcher with arm back ready to pitch the baseball
  3. EXTRACTING THE IMAGES. The selected images are carefully extracted from their background.

high school baseball pitcher with glove chest high

high school pitcher ready to pitch, masked out from background




4.  CREATIVE COMPOSITION. Input from the subject, the mood of the images, and the imagination of the creator are the ingredients for the final ONE-OF-KIND montage.

5. PRODUCTION. Only the finest professional artwork laboratories are used to produce the final product. Because of the brilliant nature of some montages, only metal artwork will do it justice. If the montage has a softer feel, only museum quality canvas will showcase it the best.

Pitcher with flaming baseball

baseball player standing with bat, baseball in the background with lightning