Your pets act most comfortably in familiar surroundings such as in their bed, in their own backyard, in a park, or at the lake. It is at those places that allow your pets to show their unique characteristics and personalities.
These environmental shots act as the studio and backdrop for the photographs.Cat-on-back-of-photographer-2013-(1-of-1) Most photographs require Karen to be at the pet’s level, which often means she is lying on the ground, in order to capture your companion in the best perspective. This style of photography is much different than formal studio photography.

For indoor sessions, Karen tries to use available natural light to highlight your petdogs-pet-photography-7.5in-long-edge-5








English Cocker Spaniel-home-headshot- with lights

There are occasions, however,  when extra lighting is needed and Karen has several portable strobe lights to handle those situations.

The “studio” is your choice, whether it be indoors or outside on location. The greater Spokane area provides an abundance of gorgeous photographic locations. Let Karen help you with some suggestions. The portraits are meant to capture life-memories and are an investment you will cherish for a lifetime.

 Border Collie running in the field with owner in the background