I can’t say enough about Fiona’s photo session with Karen! Her patience and understanding of Fiona’s limited mobility was superb. Even though my precious girl can no longer rompboxer mix sitting through the woods like she used to, Karen put herself in any position she could to capture Fiona’s love for adventure confined in her heart and longing memory. Before long she was hamming it up for the camera responding to Karen’s every request, putting her best paw forward all the while sticking her beloved tongue out. The photos are simply fabulous. Her charm and personality come out in every pose and some photos even managed to turn back the clock to reveal the “puppy” I know and love.

I am thoroughly pleased with the results of our afternoon in Karen’s company. My only wish is to do this again in a setting Fiona loves even better- couch potato mode. I wholeheartedly recommend Karen Fosberg Photography to anyone who aspires to immortalize a cherished pet’s spirit in a true work of art!








Daedra&JoeJoe-red-door-kindwordsIn one word, my experience with Karen at our photo shoot was remarkable. The first thing that showed that she really cared was that she found locations that she felt would look good with my dogs even though it involved her driving quite a distance. I had no clue how creative she was and she caught amazing artistic pictures of my dogs. She also caught precise action shots of my younger dog that really show his athleticism. Most times, you cannot see a dog’s personality and physical ability in a picture but Karen can catch that. On the other side of that, she made my 15-year-old dog look like a young vibrant dog again. Karen was also very patient with my dogs. They are well behaved but, with distractions it took a few (dozen) shots to find that perfect shot and she did that. She also managed to get the attention of the dog that does not particularly care for any sort of bribes. I would recommend her to take professional photos of pets young or old, show dogs, canine athletes, or dogs that fit into all of the above categories.






dogs-canine-photography-may2013-7Thank you so much doing such a great job with my family’s photo session! Darby had so much fun, and so did my boys! It wasn’t like the ‘normal’ photo session where the kids are tired and stressed and can’t hold still, and the dog is wound up and can’t hold still for the posed photos. This was something different altogether! The boys had a blast playing and sharing their lunch with the Darby Girl and running and throwing the ball. Darby had a wonderful time just doing what she does best; playing! Karen, you were amazing! Thank you again!






ABBY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   dogs-canine-photography-may2013-4-4

Karen was so great when she took photos of my puppy, Abby. She made it fun for my puppy. Abby was very playful and comfortable around her! She is GREAT with animals and has a wonderful eye for photography! I will treasure those pictures forever.






When my brother and his wife traveled, I would frequently take care of his dog, Maeve.  She was 15 years old, not dog years mind you, and beloved by her family.  We knew that Maeve would not be around much longer.  What could we do for my brother and his family that would be meaningful? I contacted Karen of Karen Fosberg Photography about a getting a portrait of Maeve, without my brother’s knowledge.  Karen was fantastic to work with.  We had a small window of time to get the portrait session done.  Karen went and previewed the location to get ideas of what settings would work well.  The next day Maeve and I met with Karen for the shoot.  It was quite warm and the subject was not the most compliant. The combination of Karen’s patience, creativity, vision, knowledge, and talent made the session go well.

The difficulty for my wife and I came when viewing the proofs. Wow, how can you go through so many beautiful pictures that captured the subject so well, and narrow it down to one.  What a wonderful problem to have. We chose one after listening to Karen’s input on what aspects made the pictures so striking.  My brother and his wife were deeply touched when they received the portrait. Maeve is now gone. But that image of her, that reveals her personality, sits prominently in the entrance of my brother’s house warmly welcoming guests as if she were there herself.

Karen Fosberg Photography will provide you with treasured moments that will last a lifetime.

Pat and Christa Arguinchona

Spokane, WA