Your home and yard is very often the best place to take photographs of your pet. It is the area that your pet is most comfortable to be at. Access to sunlight from large picture windows or glass patio doors in your home is one way to capture good indoor photos of your pet. cat window siamese tabby





We may need to rearrange furniture to make this happen if you elect to have home photographs. If you are looking for a particular background, i.e. fireplace/mantel, and it is needs help with adequate lighting, then extra lights can be brought in to ensure a proper photograph is taken. English Cocker Spaniel-home-headshot- with lightsdogs-canine-photography-may2013-41





If you have a pet that does not do well off-leash, then your backyard can be a wonderful option to get outdoor photographs.dogs-canine-photography-may2013-9-2





You and your pet may have a favorite park, trail, watering hole, or field that can serve as the backdrop for your outdoor action shots.water-ocean-dog-pet-photography-2





There are some locations that Karen can recommend in case you need help with an outdoor location. If your pet can be off-leash without fear of running astray, then these locations will allow your pet to exhibit their frisky personalities.border collie catching toy in air




Even urban backgrounds can provide interesting backdrops.dogs-canine-photography-may2013-2-2





Please feel free to contact me to discuss possible locations.