I can’t decide which session to do. Which one do you recommend?

• The Signature Session is the best choice if you want a variety of shots with the greatest number of images capturing your pet’s actions, antics, expressions, and characteristics in more than one environment. If your pet is good off-leash then the Signature Session will be the most satisfying for you and your pet.

• The Silver Session is a great choice if you want a good variety of pictures in one location, especially at home, and not so sure if your pet will do well off-leash. Although, a walk along a favorite trail on-leash will still yield stunning photographs that can produce gorgeous wall artwork.

I am interested in having my pets photographed with you and would like to know what I need to do to get started.

• The first thing to decide is which photographic session you would like to schedule.

• Then you need to decide where you would like the photographs taken. The Signature Session allows for two different locations, such as the home and another favorite site you frequent. If you don’t have any particular locations in mind then KFP have some suggestions. Look at the locations page for ideas.

• Do you just want pictures of just your pet or your pet with yourself as well. There is no extra charge to have family included in the photographs.

• Payment for the session will secure your session date

• Give me a call at 509-828-0421  or email me CONTACT to schedule a session date

After I schedule a session date, explain to me how everything works.

• A pre-photographic consultation is scheduled once a session date has been decided. The consultation can take place any time prior to your session date. This usually takes 15 minutes and can be done in your home or a mutually decided upon location. This is the time I ask some standard questions, i.e. preferential poses, where you will display the fine art, the size of the artwork that will complement your décor, etc. I prefer to do this in person so we can meet each other and often times I can answer other questions you may think of during the consultation. An actual measurement of the space(s) you are thinking of displaying the artwork will help determine the adequate size and shape of the portraits.  Many people will choose a size that does not adequately fill the space. Do you want horizontal, vertical, square, or a collection of artwork to display in a particular space.

• On the session date, I will usually spend a little time getting acquainted with your pet. This allows them to know I am not a person to fear and it also lets them know that the camera will not hurt them. The length of the photographic session is dependent upon which session you decided upon. If you have multiple pets, the session tends be longer and I will focus on getting the important shots first in case they tire towards the end.

• If the session is in your home, natural light through large windows give the best results. If there is a favorite couch or chair you want a photograph taken on then it will best if you move the furniture close enough to the window so it will have sunlight hitting it. Or, if you want a particular background in your house, then I can assess the room and determine what type of extra lighting I may need to bring with me. I can help you decide where the best photos can be taken.

• Post-photographic ordering consultation will be scheduled on the day of your session or shortly thereafter. This will usually be 1 to 2 weeks after the photo shoot. At this time, you will decide on the photographs that will undergo a final edit. The number of final images is determined by which protrait products you choose to purchase. Count on this session  lasting about 1 to 2 hours and all decision makers must be present since we will be selecting portrait sizes and artistic finishes.

• Please understand that the time spent photographing your pet is a small fraction of the time I spend producing a professional quality art piece. Final photographic editing takes a number of hours. Creating special effects on one photograph takes extra time to produce so there is an extra charge if you desire a unique piece of artwork.

• Session fees do not include any prints. Packages and a la carte products are selected during the post-photographic ordering session. See prices page for further details on product line.

When will I get my portraits that I ordered?

• Allow 3 weeks for fine art prints, canvases, acrylic, and metal prints.

• Albums can take 4 to 6 weeks because of the time it takes to custom arrange each page within the album

What should I wear if I want to be in the photographs?

• Solid color tops. Avoid solid white or busy patterned tops because your eyes will be drawn to your white tops in the photo and draw attention away from your pet.

• Wear colors that contrasts with the coloring of your pet so they don’t blend in with your clothing. i.e. solid gray tops with black or brown animals. Do not wear black tops with black Labradors.

• Long sleeve or ¾ length sleeves look the best for classic portraits.

• Families should wear colors in the same color shades. Avoid high contrast tones such as one person in a black top and another person in a white top.

Can I order additional portraits after my ordering session?

• Yes, your images you selected from your ordering session will be saved indefinitely. All other images not selected will be saved for 6 months and then discarded.

• This enables you to take spring and summer photos and make holiday gift cards in the winter or order special gift portraits for relatives at a later date.

• If you ordered an investment package then you may order any a la carte item from previously ordered prints at any time at the package discount rate. If you originally ordered a la carte only then you will be charged the current a la carte price. Any discount is calculated from the current a la carte rate. (i.e. The Signature Package offers a 30% discount on any additional a la carte item, thus your discount will always be 30% of any previously ordered prints)

Can I purchase digital files of my session?

• High resolution digital files used for printing are available only with the Signature Package. Contact me for package prices. CONTACT You will be able to print up to 8×12 inch photographs with this digital file.

Why don’t you just sell the digital files?

• Fine art prints, canvases, acrylics, and metal prints are carefully calibrated for final production. The fine artwork I produce is done at a professional laboratory that uses special museum quality paper, ink, and finishes so your portraits will last a lifetime.

• As a professional, all my work will be made of the highest quality materials and will have the correct composition and crop for each image.

What if my pet doesn’t cooperate with you? Is shy? May bite? Is wild and won’t sit-stay?

• Some pets are just not ideal candidates for posing. No problem, I will work with them the best I can. I have over 30 years of experience with animals and have seen all types of behavior during examinations in my hospital. They may take extra patience and a little more time but we usually get some beautiful shots. I may have to use a long lens at a more distant vantage point for those shy pets that don’t want to be near an unfamiliar person. Wild pets are perfect for outdoor photo shoots rather than studio portraits.

• Telling me your pet’s behavior tendencies will help me understand how to approach your pet at the start of the photographic session.