Creative Live with Rachael Hale McKenna, pet photographer


Rachael Hale McKenna and Karen


Creavitve Live in-studio audience, Rachael Hale McKenna, hosts Susan Roderick and Kenna Klosterman


Host Susan Roderick, Karen, host Kenna Klosterman


Rachael Hale McKenna and Karen


Before the class went on-air

From March 27-30, I had the opportunity to participate in an in-studio Creative Live audience with Rachael Hale McKenna, world renowned pet photographer. Creative Live offers on-line classes on various subjects from photographs/video to art/music to business/money and more. The instructors are highly regarded experts in their respective fields. These classes are available for viewing world wide and are free during the live taping. The courses can also be purchased if you want to have a permanent reference for yourself. Rachael photographed kittens, adult cats, 7 Labradoodle puppies, 2 adult Great Danes, a pot-belly pig, and a pug puppy. She has incredible patience and waits for THE moment to click the camera and magically capture the sweet character of the pet. This class was totally fun to be in as well as a tremendous learning experience. Being in the class has inspired me to strive to always improve and innovate my photographic adventures.

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