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This is Karen Fosberg Photography’s signature artwork that is stunning to display in any room. They are one of a kind art pieces that will have  your family and friends talking about them for years.

  • The Giclee (zhee-clay) print, which is made of special long-lasting ink on high quality acid-free paper, is face mounted onto a 1/4 inch polished acrylic panel
  • This process differentiates itself from other acrylics that use a printer to print directly onto the acrylic which results in poor image quality and a limited color spectrum
  • This process allows an extremely wide spectrum of colors to pull through the acrylic to produce a brilliant eye-catching piece of art

Unframed Price

60″ $2593

48″ $1877

40″ $1794

36″ $1047

30″ $972

24″ $597

20″ $437

16″ $298

Framed Price



40″ $2044

36″ $1297

30″ $1222

24″ $847

20″ $687

16″ $498

All acrylics are sold by the longest side. For example, a 20″ portrait could be 20×20, 20×16, 20×10 and so on.


This new art medium creates a special luminescence to an image.

  • The artwork is created by infusing dyes with a UV resistant coating which is specially bonded to an aluminum panel
  • The brilliant colors and shine of the images are impressive and will surely make the photograph a show piece in your home gallery
  • This state of the art process will contain slight imperfections such as small craters or bumps, giving the artwork unique qualities

60″ $2304

48″ $1653

40″ $1536

36″ $947

30″ $864

24″ $597

20″ $437

16″ $268

All prints are sold by the longest side. For example, a 20″ portrait could be 20×20, 20×16, 20×10 and so on.



Gallery giclee canvas images are museum quality fine artwork pieces

  • Giclee prints are created by using high quality long-lasting inks printed directly onto museum quality canvas material
  • The canvas print is then carefully wrapped across a wooden stretcher frame so the photograph’s edges are visible on the sides of the frame
  • A special laminate is applied to the surface of each piece to protect it from fading due to damaging UV light. Once the laminate dries, the canvas is ready to hang
  • Frames are also available to add a polished touch to an already beautiful piece of artwork

Unframed Price

60″ $1676

48″ $1482

40″ $1372

36″ $924

30″ $672

24″ $524

20″ $397

16″ $239

Framed Price

40″ $1622

36″ $1174

30″ $922

24″ $724

20″ $597

16″ $439

All canvases are sold by the longest side. For example, a 20″ portrait could be 20×20, 20×16, 20×10 and so on.



All premium wall portraits are professional quality fine art pieces.

  • Highest quality profesional grade photographic paper
  • Linen texture is applied to the surface of the print to create a high quality museum image
  • Special coating is sprayed onto each print to protect the photograph from damaging UV light
  • Each print is mounted on a smooth, warp-resistant styrene board to prevent buckling of your print
  • Customized framing and matting available so your artwork is ready to hang immediately

Unframed Price

60″ $ 712

45″ $638

40″ $597

36″ $547

30″ $496

24″ $297

20″ $227

16″ $148

Framed Price

60″ N/A

45″ N/A

40″ N/A

36″ $797

30″ $746 (no 30×30)

24″ $547

20″ $427

16″ $348

All prints are sold by the longest side. For example, a 20″ portrait could be 20×20, 20×16, 20×10 and so on.

Frame price is for the print and frame only.

Upgrade options:

  1. Acrylic panel ( instead of a glass pane) add $60
  2. Single mat and acrylic pane add $90
  3. Double mat and acrylic pane add $150 (Up to 36×24 mat size, 30×18 portrait)


couple walking in the woods with their boxer

The Creative Collages are made for those people who want to showcase multiple portraits in an attractive display. You can choose to have the collage in canvas, metal, or fine art print.


Fine Art Print



12×18 inch and 4-6×6 inch sides




20×30 inch and 4-12×12 in or 6-8×8 in sides





Fine Art Print



18×12 inch and 4-6×6 inch sides




30×20 inch and 4-8×8 inch sides





border collie running in grass

Distinctive Images allows the main subject of the portrait to have its own image layer, giving it a distinctive 3-D look. It will catch the attention of anyone walking by the portrait to take a longer look at your special portrait.





20×16 in




30×20 or 24×24
















border collie running in the grass




These blocks are impressive table top displays

  • A museum quality, long-lasting print is mounted to a 1 1/4 inch polished acrylic block
  • Similar to the acrylic prints, the colors of the print are brilliantly displayed through the block
  • This process allows a wide color spectrum to be visible through this gorgeous fine art piece
  • Because of its thickness, the block is a stunning stand-alone table display

8×12 inch block $378

8×10 inch block $304

5×7 inch block   $183



Gift prints are professionally edited with the same care as your larger portraits.

  • The sizes consist of 8×12, 8×10, 5×7, 4×6, or 8 wallets.
  • All prints 5×7 or larger are mounted on a supportive backing for increased strength and prevention of warping.
  • A protective coating is applied to each print and embossed with a linen texture.

Each size is $50 a piece.



The Signature Albums are the “attention-getters” to grace any coffee table.

  • This album comes with a wide selection of cover materials and color
  • You can even opt for a photo cut-out in the front cover to add even more individuality to your album
  • Your family name or pet’s name can be embossed on the front cover as well
  • The small 1mm gutter between the lay-flat pages allows for a nice clean appearance to the photographs, particularly if the photograph expands across the two pages

10×10 inch album, 24 pages  $868

8×8 inch album, 24 pages      $785


• Products can be purchased from the a la carte price list or in packages

• Package pricing comes at a significant discount of up to 30% when compared to the a la carte price list

• All prints are printed at a professional laboratory using long-lasting ink on professional grade paper and mounted on a firm backboard to prevent warping

• Karen Fosberg Photography offers a wide range of professional grade fine art prints, canvases, metal prints, and our signature acrylic artwork.

• Customizable frames and mattings are available to you so you will not have to worry about shopping for the frame after you receive your artwork. We can help you decide which mat and frame would best complement your images.

• Contact us for more detail. Call us 509-828-0421 or use the contact form provided.