A Dachshund Tribute in Spokane

Sunny, the all red Dachshund, is enjoying the sun and farm life in Spokane, Washington. Due to a medical condition, she has a limited number of days to her life. These photographs are a _DSC5580-Edit-cats-dogs-photography-fb-2014 _DSC5589-cats-dogs-photography-fb-2014 _DSC5604-cats-dogs-photography-fb-2014 _DSC5640-Edit-cats-dogs-photography-fb-2014 _DSC5653-Edit-cats-dogs-photography-fb-2014 _DSC5902-cats-dogs-photography-fb-2014tribute to Sunny and will be lasting memories for her owners. It is an honor to be able to provide these portraits of Sunny so she will grace her home for years to come.

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